myday is a customizable Digital Campus that collects, displays and pushes information from disparate IT systems.  The myday platform leverages all existing IT investments by bringing them together onto one customizable tiled interface. Using the adaptable features, the platform allows institutions to execute targeted communications empowering them to recruit, engage, connect and retain both students and staff.

The team at myday have a fantastic product which is in high demand from institutions, but the feedback they received from a handful of rollouts through Colleges and Universities, was that the students were not connecting with the brand. Given the nature of the platform, it is important to ensure that this is received well by both the teachers and the students. The technology was flawless, they just needed help to create a brand that would better connect with the students.

This is where I came in, I used my previous experience in the student market to create a brand which will resonate with students to use the app more frequently. It was also important to retain the professionalism of the organization for future sales opportunities with other institutions.


  • Brand Guidelines
  • Event Organization
  • Icon Design
  • Logo Design
  • Logo Trademarking
  • Marketing Material
  • UI/UX Design