‘Bridging the gap between Job Seekers and Job Opportunities’

Hunted leverages cutting-edge technology to help recruitment businesses grow more efficiently, and helps recruiters build their careers on their own terms. Hunted lets jobseekers discover, explore and engage with the best companies and opportunities across the globe.

I was approached by Hunted before they launched the Beta version of their app, they wanted a simple and clean logo which was representative the two aspects of recruitment: The Job Seeker and the Job Opportunity. The final logo design also had to be easily recognizable with a simple icon for use on the App.

Given the required simplicity and uses for the Hunted branding, I decided to stick with a typographical concept. To represent the two aspects mentioned above, I manipulated the type in the logo so the bottom edges were rounded and the top was squared. I also took the literal translation and incorporated this into the letter ‘H’ giving the arch to represent the bridge. This would allow then ‘H’ to be standalone for use throughout the App.

Jon did a great job for us. Would definitely recommend.

Guy TamFounder of Hunted


  • App Design
  • App Store Graphics
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Icon Design
  • Logo Design
  • UI/UX Design