World Travel, Inc. engages in proactive relationships with clients to improve traveler experience and save money. The simple financial model provides peace of mind for travelers and travel managers. World Travel, Inc. is the 4th largest independent TMC in the United States according to BTN Magazine.


The Spring Sessions and Fall Symposium, hosted by World Travel Inc. bring together clients, prospective clients, partners, suppliers, and the World Travel, Inc. team. Their remit is to provide prime learning opportunities, and help attendees stay informed about what’s going on in the travel industry, and what’s coming around the bend. I was commissioned to design and deliver a brand identity for their Symposiums, to raise awareness about the conference to global leaders, and to encourage a very specific target audience to pay thousands of dollars to attend the one-day event.


Once the branding was approved for the Symposium, I was then required to create a theme for each individual event for the name supplied by the client. The first of which being ‘Think Different’ (for Fall 2015) and the second ‘Travel: Integrated’ (Spring 2016).

Considering the caliber of both speakers and attendees, I wanted to create a striking yet astute brand for each event. I chose to use solely typography to represent the theme of each event in order to force the viewer to take a second glance.

Jon was a dream to work with. Great, innovative ideas, perfect interpretation of the style we wanted, and very communicative.

Chesley TurnerHead of Marketing at World Travel Inc.


  • Advertising Collateral
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Brochure Design
  • Event Design
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Material
  • Store Display Design
  • Typography